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view to the future "broken"
label: white label
format: 12" sngl
year: 1995

police in cars with headphones "wegwerfgesellschaft"
label: fsp
format: cd-album
year: 1995

view to the future "journey to the other world"
label: vttf
format: 12" sngl
year: 1996

view to the future "purity"
label: alphakid
format: 12" sngl
year: 1997

view to the future "music is music"
label: airdrops
format: 12" sngl
year: 1997

hair (with alex krueger) "we rule the 80s"
label: müller
format: 12" EP
year: 1997

view to the future "the 7th seal"
label: alphakid
format: cd-album
year: 1997

view to the future "unicorn"
label: case invaders
format: 12" sngl
year: 1998

hair (with alex krueger) "hair 2"
label: usm
format: 12" EP
year: 1998

ethereal 77 "spring rmx"
label: base daddy
format: 12" sngl
year: 1999

ethereal 77 "landscapes"
label: base daddy
format: cd-album
year: 1999

junkie sartre vs hexaquart "ignorance"
label: force tracks
format: 12" EP
year: 2000

hexaquart "exploitation"
label: lifetime
format: 12" EP
year: 2001

ulrich schnauss "far away trains passing by"
label: cco/domino
format: cd/lp
year: 2001/2005

ethereal 77 "zero gravity"
label: looking good
format: 12" sngl
year: 2002

ulrich schnauss "a strangely isolated place"
label: cco/domino
format: cd/2lp
year: 2003/2004


as ulrich schnauss
johannes schmoelling "icewalk" (viktoriapark -
collaboration with robert wässer)
hrk "love world" (joint records)
obscure celebrities "fahreinheit" (gooom disques)
i´m not a gun "make sense & loose" (city centre offices)
justin robertson "love movement" (bugged out)
mojave3 "bluebird of happiness" (4ad)
longview "can´t explain" (14th floor rec)
longview "will you wait here" (14th floor rec)
pete lawrence "musical box" (big chill)
sia "breathe me" (go beat)
the zephyrs "stand round hold hands" (club ac30)
depeche mode "little 15" (mute)
rachel goswell "coastline" (4ad)
lunz (roedelius & tim story) "lunz" (gronland)

as view to the future
korsakow & nudge (usm)

as hexaquart
daniel lodig "connect" (müller)
beroshima "electronic discussion" (müller)

compilation appearances (exclusive tracks only)

police in cars with headphones "bitte lächeln -
wenn sie wollen" for "artgenda 96"
view to the future "addicted to your smile" for "barcode"
tinkabell "rosarotes meer" for "chillin´ voices 2" (shift music - collaboration with k. hein)
ethereal 77 "forever" for "schöne neue welt" (space teddy)
ethereal 77 "oblivion" & "open skiez" for "unpleasant poems" (ground liftaz)
ulrich schnauss "nothing happens in june" for "mashed mellow grooves 5"
ulrich schnauss "you were the only one around"
for "the sound of the cosmos" (hooj choons)
ulrich schnauss "crazy for you" & "wherever you
are" for "blue skied an´ clear" (morr music)
ulrich schnauss "as if you´ve never been away" for "the trip" (universal)
ulrich schnauss "suddenly the trees are giving way" for "intelligent toys 2" (sutemos)